20 Sep 2007

Irma Boom

The new D&AD president, Simon Waterfall made the introduction.

The 2,136-paged-SHV book.

Yesterday night, I attended a lecture by the famous Dutch book designer Irma Boom. She showed us couples of beautiful books she had been designed and talked about her design process. The pictured one is the SHV anniversary book with 2,136 pages, which was spent 5 years to finish it. That's really devotion and passion. Her works were all unique. And each one was striked to make the most of it. Most of her books' structures were deconstructed then constructed to a new form and new perspective to readers. This just enhanced the books contents with Irma Boom's beautiful and inspiring ways - “If there is something in common about my books, it is the roughness,” she says. “They are all unrefined.”
Irma Boom

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