4 May 2008

Rockbund Shanghai - Degree Zero

Had been working on the project of the redevelopment of a region in Shanghai. It's about a transformation from the old stories to the new visions...

6 Feb 2008

Year of Rat – Saab

Had worked with Saab for its 08 Chinese New Year showroom window design.

27 Jan 2008

Work Holiday Report

It's been half year since I finished my work holiday in Denmark. Time goes fast, many things changed and I am working in Hong Kong again for 3 months already. It's a total different work experience, can't compare! But my memory of being in Denmark didn't fade out. Here is my work holiday report for that trip.

> details found in download box – work story.pdf

25 Dec 2007

X'mas for OPEL

This Christmas, I had got a window design job for the OPEL showroom. Happy with the process and the result, it was a good Christmas gift for me!

17 Oct 2007

Back to reality

Finally on 8 October, I took the flight from Zurich and landed on Hong Kong on 9 October. Mix of feeling strange and warm! It's a new start!

16 Oct 2007


From 1 to 7 of October, I left London for Switzerland. I went to Basel, Luzern and then Zurich, the last short trip in this 10 months work holiday in Europe. Though it's a bit sad, it's still an unforgettable journey!

1 Oct 2007

National Movie Awards

The first ever National Movie Awards in UK was held in London. So I took the chance to go and see the celebrities like Bruce Willis (Die Hard 4), Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Tobey Maguire (Spider Man 3), Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom (Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End)...supposedly. However, it was just disappointed that I can't see any of them except the whole group from Harry Potter which I had no interest in it at all. I thought it was pretty much like just the game for themselves and it didn't catch much attention from the public. Anyway, it should be the last party that I had in London because I am leaving London finally! Through the hard stages of job searching, interviews, finally can get a training post in a design consultancy. However, it is just not starting now but in the New Year time. So it's a bit embarrased timing! Really not sure if will come back to take the job at that time. But let's see how things are going in the near future! By the way, still learned a lot from the job hunt and the September's London Design Festival had just added more colours to my staying in London!.....m.....it's getting cold, maybe it's time to home!
National Movie Awards

28 Sep 2007

Zaha Hadid/Future System

2 big architects came together in a seminar. Both are world recognised with their fresh architectural form and experimental perspectives to architectuture.