29 Jul 2007


In the metro...
Medium: Pen on paper and photoshop colouring.

27 Jul 2007

Go direct...

After a thought, I figure out the 2 jpgs I did before may be somehow a bit fancy as for portfolio . So I tried to present the works in a more direct and honest way.

24 Jul 2007

Hope it works better!

Alright, I tried to rearrange my portfolio into jpg and send it to companies. Not too many nor too few, let see how it works!

So far in London...

So far, I have been here for almost 1 month, living place is no great problem, just rent is a little bit high. Flatmates are nice, all from Poland by coincidence and a chinese couple. And so have been busy finding jobs, finding people and finding life...I have sent CV to more than 30 design companies, big and small so far (have to send more and more). Some of them got me reply with liked "Thank you for your interest in our company, but we are not hiring people at this moment, best of luck for your job hunt...!!!" After all, I got 2 interview chances so far, one at Wolff Olins and one at Pentagram, both were good experiences, and for results? I have to wait...but anyway, I won't just sit and wait! I have to find others, something else...

For a few more days, i have been searching within the industry by any means...but found a bar job yesterday in the way which I thought this could be a part time work for evening or weekend and new experience for me as well. So I went to attend interview. I felt good during the interview, I just told her what I did before even I don't have knowledge on making drinks, I just know how to make juice at home instead...and the interviewer seemed appreciated me of what I did before! Well, finally but I didn't get that job! But that made me feel good too as I got another chance of interview practise on presenting myself! I thought I learned!

At the moment, I am thinking the portfolio that had been sent to companies so far. Is that not good enough? Is that boring? Since I know the market is so competitive and saturated, those employers may seen a lot already. So how can I make mine a bit unique? This is my question in mind these days!!! Ah, time of struggles!!!

21 Jul 2007

"From Grace" by Thomas Dybdahl

I bought a dvd of "Norsk Kort 006 - 28 Norwegian Short Films", and I found a song, "From Grace" by a Norwegian singer Thomas Dybdahl. It's such a beautiful song, an one shot mv going through with good concept and acting! Touching and brilliant! link

13 Jul 2007

On the way...

From Hong Kong: Flowers was dead, computer was broken, so I left...

Through Denmark: Riding all the times against the wind in this piece of flat land...

To London: Looking forward to the pentagram sunshine...

4 Jul 2007

d/r/a/w & p/a/s/t/e

Medium: Mixed media

Danish "Bolig" means "Housing"
Medium: Magazine

Medium: Arcylic on paper

"Norway in a Nut Shell" tour, on the boat.
Medium: Arcylic on paper

Fjord landscape and its reflection.
Medium: Arcylic on paper

Musicians at Covent Garden.
Medium: Arcylic on paper

After those drawings, the experience was nice as long as I enjoyed doing it. After finishing one piece, I will look at it and think is it the best way to draw that? It's becos the same tool can result in various form. And is it too tight to do the drawing? A more realistic drawing may not be a good drawing for me. The more I did, the more I could find out, and feeling the "flow" inside by myself.

1 Jul 2007


Rainy night at London street.
Medium: Colour pencils on paper.

In fast food shop, London street.
Medium: Colour pencils on paper.

Leaving Denmark, conquering the other parts of Scandinavia

The last glance of the Öresund bridge, goodbye Denmark! link

Stockholm has a beautiful harbour with all the historical buildings surrounding.

"Norway in a Nut Shell" is a fantastic trip combining train, boat and bus from Oslo to Bergen, almost ran across the Norway from east to west, in which you can see forest, ice mountains, waterfalls, and the famous fjords.