29 Sep 2006

The last day in Format

This is the last day in Format on 29th September. Though I just stayed there for a year more, I have gained a lot, especially of their kindness all along. Really thanks!

24 Sep 2006

The sharing

Today is really a good day for me and so do my audiences, I guessed! It's because I am asked to do a sharing presentation to the new candidates of the 2006 Young Design Talent Award. The sharing is about my past presentation experience in the 2005 competition. So I have prepared a powerpoint slide show for this. Before that, I had a little bit pressure because I think what I performed will be their examples to be judged. But after the presentation, the feedback is quite good. This makes me a lot of satisfaction, not only because I believed "I did it" but also I had contributed helpful opinions to those candidates. It's of great feeling...

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