17 Sep 2007

Deptford Design Market Challenge

This is another about "redesign" exhibition. The idea is to give a new meaning, beauty or function to that of an old product. As we have been talking "Sustainability" all the ways, this exhibition has become more meaningful and the ideas exhibited are really fun and inspiring. Here are some examples.

"Glasses for all Occasions" - Each glass is reversible: choose from champagne, wine, sherry or cocktails, so this set of glasses are for all occasions.

"Team Walk" - Ten pairs of trainers are connected together. In order to get the piece to move, ten people must wear the trainers and walk together. A piece to train people team working.

"No Strings Attached" - The broken guitar is recovered to its music function in a modern manner with the iPod.

"Spare some Change" - From spending to saving. The jewellery box which is orginally for saving the luxuries now is turned into a piggy bank. The three saving compartments in which one might be for the next holiday, one for the next car, and the other for the most amazing new shoes. The pleasure is in the planning!

"Jigsaw Jigsaw" - An impossible jigsaw puzzle. It's crazy! It's a joke!

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