20 Dec 2006

A giant wall mural in the metro station


A clear sunny day

It's been always cloudy and tiny raining! But today has mild sunshine. link

Ice skating

Through some connections from my brother, I met some people from Hong Kong and went ice skating with them. It's easy but still hard!!! link

14 Dec 2006

Leaving Carsten House

Since I'd found another place to live in finally, so I have to leave the Carsten House today and so had taken some "real men" photos for sharing. link

11 Dec 2006

Good Monday morning

Every Monday morning, Kontrapunkt will have a meeting for reviews and presentation from new comers. So today is my time, I make a presentation of introducing myself. The process goes smooth and what it turns out is pretty good for they enjoy it. link

10 Dec 2006

X'mas dinner

Me, with Emil and his friends have a X'mas dinner and gift exchange, quite a lot of fun. link

9 Dec 2006

I started to cook... link

7 Dec 2006

Bergen, Norway

These 2 days, I was asked to do some research on subjects "Bergen, a city in Norway" and "Light Rail" because there will be a visual identity project working for a new launch of light rail there. And what I am doing is just enabling me get knowing about some background of it first. During finding, there is a railway from Oslo to Bergen which is most appreciated by travellers for it's beautiful scenics. Really want to have a try! link

Just funny

I Gave You My Heart, You Gave It Away!

2 Dec 2006


As the guest house is fully booked, and I didn't find another place yet, I had to move to the penthouse. Though it's half of the normal price, there was just a bed and a hanging light. The thing is there is no door! This is a gay house actually! I can see they are walking pass just with underwear and a piece of towel. It's really a "Penthouse"!

The first day in Kontrapunkt

1 Dec. 2006. It's my first day in Kontrapunkt. Exciting!!! link

In the Carstens Guest House

It's Copenhagen. I stayed at the Carstens Guest House for the first few nights. It located at the city centre. The place was clean n tidy. The city's not that cold at the moment, around at 8-10C. But it's almost cloudy these days. The winter daytime here was so short that the dawn began at about 7:30am and it"s all dark at about 5pm. The time ran 7 hours behind that in Hong Kong. Through my room's window, I can see the sunrise, but it's already 8am.

30 Nov 2006

I can fly...

Almost a month delay due to the slow processing of the work visa, I take the fly finally and start this adventurous trip on 28 Nov. 2006.

15 Nov 2006

A wind band

It's a youth wind band performance in Covent Garden, London. I liked the solo part. I don't know why, it's just so touching to me!

14 Nov 2006

Tokyo street singer

I have long been wanting to share this video clip which I took during the trip in Japan and I find it here the right platform to do it now. Many young people performed in the park, whatever drama, story telling, music and etc. And I was excited that the band is so high standard! I loved that atmosphere. I almost spent couples of hours there. It's full of energy and joy!

29 Oct 2006

Fuel name card

This is a revised version of my name card, with the website address and new icons attached. link

9 Oct 2006

The Tokyo Type Directors Club Seminar...

The 2 days seminar finished. There are speakers from Japan, UK and Hong Kong. Each of them had their own design journey, which enabling audiences look into their minds of creativity. It's really a good platform for ideas sharing! By the way, there are some valuable things to learn, such as their experimenting ideas on typography, graphic design and the process of rebranding the company image – Suntory (A group of many Japanese beverage brands). But I think there are things not being well at the same time. What I got sometimes are quite fragmented ideas or stories. Sometimes, I am not quite sure about their stand point or concluding idea finally. Maybe, there are problems in language translation, the "old man" voice is really unbearable: sometimes disconnected, boring tone, which just made my mind travel around. Anyway, no talk no gain, just being critical!!! The motifs of this seminar is so good and hope will have more enjoyable activities of this kind in the future...

29 Sep 2006

The last day in Format

This is the last day in Format on 29th September. Though I just stayed there for a year more, I have gained a lot, especially of their kindness all along. Really thanks!

24 Sep 2006

The sharing

Today is really a good day for me and so do my audiences, I guessed! It's because I am asked to do a sharing presentation to the new candidates of the 2006 Young Design Talent Award. The sharing is about my past presentation experience in the 2005 competition. So I have prepared a powerpoint slide show for this. Before that, I had a little bit pressure because I think what I performed will be their examples to be judged. But after the presentation, the feedback is quite good. This makes me a lot of satisfaction, not only because I believed "I did it" but also I had contributed helpful opinions to those candidates. It's of great feeling...

> details found in download box.

9 Jun 2006

dayday art

大家好!適逢大日子,除左係我最期待四年一度0既世界party, World Cup 2006之外,亦係小弟0既三十週年。所以趁住呢個熱哄哄0既氣氛,亦希望為自己打打氣。

正所謂三十而立,小弟決定幹一番偉大0既小事業。dayday art呢個念頭源於自己每日朝早check email 0既習慣,都希望收到一個令人驚喜0既訊息,以帶黎一日快樂0既開始。所以就好希望將自己0既想法藉著email同大家分享,跟大家“說聲早,講聲好!”顧名不可思義,dayday art唔係什麼高不可攀0既藝術,而是不求畫功,但平易近人,既感性又激情,既認真又有趣0既隨筆奇想。雖然有可能會帶點無聊,但亦請大家多多包涵。其實仲有另一個意義,就係希望藉著dayday art去督促自己畫多0的0野,不至於我0既左手最後會變成keyboard,右手變成mouse,失去雙手本身可以創造0既能力。

好喇!最近大家都聽得太多“有壓力”呢三個字,實在有0的煩!所以希望大家睇波減壓之餘,dayday art 0既訊息亦可以為大家消消氣,在未開口講出“有壓力”之前,心裡已覺得解決晒就好喇。謝謝!


16 Apr 2006

The interview

This is an interview conducted at the early of this year by a China-based design magazine group - Art and Design Press. This is finally published in "Design 產品設計" issue 26. The group is publishing a series of magazines monthly ranging from news of product design, graphic design to fine art. The magazines have just emerged in these years and this has just signified the China's great urge for insights from the global design industries.

> details found in download box.

10 Mar 2006

Leaf Light

I rarely use photoshop to create detailed illustration, but today I use it to execute the concept of a poster project: a "Clean Energy Fund" scheme. Dun know client would like it or not... but quite a lot of satisfaction in creating visuals in photoshop sometimes...

19 Feb 2006


This is the first time to announce the launch of "FUEL" publicly. Fuel is the driving force to what we designers do. This is a self-initiated workplace where enabling exchange of ideas and appreciations of life. The aims are to bring in 'fuel' to make ideas burn and to make things work better. I keep energy flowing in my works, so making better to my life... and hope to yours. link