30 Jan 2007

Creativity Meeting

Last Friday, everybody was asked to pick up 3 of the works in which you could "feel within" from the portfolio of Kontrapunkt. Let's see what we had...

28 Jan 2007

Colour forecast weather

These days, colour changes beautifully with the weather! link

14 Jan 2007

Carlsberg Vistors Centre

The Carlsberg Vistors Centre is a museum where the Carlsberg history, the brewing process, the tools and the machines are explained. And finally, you can get 2 glasses from the many of Carlsberg branded beers. link

Luckily, I got a bike from my room owner. So I can travel around with it. Actually, people can't live without a bike here. And I ride about 10 mins to get to the bus stop every day.

2 Jan 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Wherever we are, we enjoy the same bright future!

Blue Man Group

Another good stuff I saw in Germany was the "Blue Man Group" show. It was about music, percussion, performance, images, social, experiments, surprises, entertainment, interact and...you had to find it out....The show was really cool. Hope there will be a show in Hong Kong one day. link


From 25 Dec to 30 Dec 2006, I had been Essen and Berlin in Germany. Had seen a lot and taken a lot of the trains. What impressed me a lot in Germany was its history: the WWII, the Nazi, the Jews, the reunification...you can find out many stories. link