27 Sep 2007

Dove evolution and its similarity

"No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted." clearly stated the ironic concept of what Dove had brought about their views of real beauty in this TV advert for the dove self-esteem fund. This hidden true story had achieved a huge success and aroused a wide attention globally. I attended a talk by this advert behind agency, Ogilvy, Toronto to have their experience sharing. It's a risky approach to compare to the other body care or cosmetics brands. But it's a creative approach that build on truth and mutual trust between agency and client. And more, I think its documentary way and the background music (which I liked) had added the sympathy to this advert.

That advert makes me think about what I saw in a window display with a fat female model in swimming suit in Sweden. This would not be happened generally! That somehow got the similar true idea of beauty as Dove!!!

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~*da*~ said...

o my goodness... very amazing magic!