14 Jun 2007

SAD design contest

e-Types' solution.

Kontrapunkt's, our solution.

Finally, the result of the SAD medicine labels and packaging design contest was announced. It was sad that we did not win the game, but e-Types did! Congratulations to e-Types anyway! Here are the jury's evaluation of the different designs:

e-Types' elegant solution has improved the accessibility of the labels and packaging with the following elements:
>The name is partially coloured to emphasize differences in similar product names capital letters are used to divide long names
>They have developed a nice and very legible typography, even at small sizes the label appears clean and easy to grasp
>The project is based on a thorough analysis and, based on this, the solution can be adapted to possible extensions in the product range.
>The jury also appreciated the idea on the packaging for single ampoules and the suggested implementation progress.

Kontrapunkt’s label-design is very clean, colour and type size underline the strength of the products.
>A very legible typeface has been used.
>Kontrapunkt’s solution further develops the existing SAD-box-system in an elegant and functional way which also creates the impression of a well-ordered label.
>The jury also agrees that the solution included a number of ideas which will increase patient safety, e.g. differentiating paper”collars” on ampoules.

I felt alright of the comments even we didn't win anyway... at least the judges appreciated that... I have looked at e-Tyes proposal (which is in the download box now)... though in Danish, I was impressed of the kind of analysis work and the systematic way of documenting the process, it looks promising!

For their final solution, though I don't know exactly, i can see their solution may somehow very close to us or to what we had tried before...It seems that they addressed the issue of ATC group as well with another colour, so like a 2-colour system. Whatever, I think each entry has its own good point actually, it's just choice sometimes. But I guess e-Types got a good way of presentation in this case...anyway, it was an interesting project! link

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