12 Jun 2007

"Drømmer Jeg" by Johnny Delux

The Öresund bridge

I accidentally listened to this song in my friend's car on the way from Copenhagen, Denmark travel to Malmo, Sweden. Geographically, the two countries are so close just with the Öresund bridge connected that it only takes half hour of train to travel. The song is a sweety love story between a Danish guy and a Swedish girl. I think it's a so lovely song inspired by the close location of these two countries especially when I listened to that on the way...Here is the brief English translation of the song lyric:

Drømmer Jeg

I stand and watching out on Öresund
Dreaming about your eyes and your mouth
You're at some place over there now
I want to swim to you if I could
Coz' I miss your swedish kiss, but you're ouside my radar...

Coz' I can never forget about you - oh no oh no..
When I'm awake I dream - about you about you..
Are you dreaming about me?

I'm taking a walk along the beach with my dog
Looking across the dark Öresund
It feels strange being here alone
I wonder what you do and where you are
I miss your words, I hardly understand, but expressing everything....

You're my Rachel - and I'm your Ross - why oh why..
Is it water between us
I want you in my embrace - why oh why..
Is it hunderedthousands of miles to Copenhagen?
Am I dreaming, am I dreaming, am I dreaming, am I dreaming? About you?


Nancy said...

do you mind if I cite your english translation to my blog?
thank you~

leolapian said...

Just do it!