18 Mar 2007

kick ass movie

Little Miss Sunshine, movie of the month! I mean, the month of my own calender. Great feeling, a kick ass movie! It's not about beautiful faces, stunning CG or breathtaking production. It's just about the daring attitude, family, the cloudy and the sunshining both faces of life and the most talked about winning and losing dilemma.

The nine-step-success theory doesn't really make any step forward to succeed. Life is messed up, but a bus tour gets all the whole family tied up again. Having the right direction altogether is difficult! But pushing the car forward altogether is so much fun and fulfilling. Losing the life, but winning all the respects and the last enjoying moment, including saying "Fuck a lot of women" as honestly as possible. Silence gets away family. A hug pulls them back even no need a word. Losing the sight, but winning back the tongue even though what can be heard is just "FUCK", hardly and clearly! All the barbie dolls are winning the applauses, but losing the innocence. Losing the game but winning the true applause of being innocence. And finally, losing is just afraid of not winning. To win is not by theory. Trying is not losing at all! So why not try a bit of ice-cream, that at least winning your heart of feeling sweet rather than feeling fat!

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