21 Feb 2007

Tibor Kalman

Tibor Kalman (1949-1999), founding editor-in-chief of Colors magazine, founder of M&Co design consultancy in New York in the 80s to 90s. I have been interested in this guy for some times. Just recently have read more about him. Some of his sentences found inspiring:

"A designer is a professional liar because he's hired not to make the properties of a product clear but to enhance the product beyond its truth..." Yes, we are teached to lie beautifully and professionally somehow.

"The sense in which we were our own audience was that we'd look at a project and say, never mind the client, do we think this is cool? Put simply, it's very hard to lie to yourself." Yes, honest to myself before going to cheat people!

'I consciously distanced myself from the graphics world once I started on the notion that ugliness was more interesting than beauty... that stuff which is human, interesting, fucked up, passionate rather than logical, reasonable and, of course, beautiful." Yes, nothing is perfect, perfect is fake! But everyone wants to be perfect, everyone wants to be told: you are perfect! And we are trying to make a perfect world even though we know we can't make it. But I prefer I am a bit odd and ugly, that's why others look a bit beautiful for me...

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