4 Jul 2007

d/r/a/w & p/a/s/t/e

Medium: Mixed media

Danish "Bolig" means "Housing"
Medium: Magazine

Medium: Arcylic on paper

"Norway in a Nut Shell" tour, on the boat.
Medium: Arcylic on paper

Fjord landscape and its reflection.
Medium: Arcylic on paper

Musicians at Covent Garden.
Medium: Arcylic on paper

After those drawings, the experience was nice as long as I enjoyed doing it. After finishing one piece, I will look at it and think is it the best way to draw that? It's becos the same tool can result in various form. And is it too tight to do the drawing? A more realistic drawing may not be a good drawing for me. The more I did, the more I could find out, and feeling the "flow" inside by myself.


Coral said...

i love your draw...

leolapian said...

Hi, thank you! hope u enjoyed!